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India is innovating – in the villages, cities and metros. It is innovating with the college student, an office executive and a management honcho – all itching to move from their confines to a start-up mode. This innovation ‘is critical to economic change’, one of the most influential economists of the 20th century, Schumpeter believed.

The drivers of innovation or technological change are entrepreneurs or ‘wild spirits’, Schumpeter said and elaborated that technological innovation often creates temporary monopolies, allowing abnormal profits. This is what YourNest aspires to sow and reap.

India's start-up ecosystem has responded to the demand of these ‘wild spirits’. It is reflected in rise of accelerators and incubators, creation of co-working spaces, and successful exits.

We invite entrepreneurs, who have attracted talent and are ready to scale-up and accelerate their ventures, to spread their wings and fly with us.

YourNest is an Angel Fund that believes in ‘liberating human potential’ by investing in technology enabled, vibrant, new business ideas.

Angel Investors are HNIs who enable job creation by supporting bright entrepreneurial ventures. These angels are now playing a vital role in helping Indian entrepreneurs who are leading India's march towards an innovation-driven economy – an economy that shall compete globally by producing new goods & services, using the most cost-effective and technologically superior processes smartly.

HNIs have multiple investment avenues to deploy their investible surplus. These include real estate, equity/debt instruments, commodities/bullion, collectibles, currencies, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital. But once they have deployed reasonable sums in their preferred asset class, the next choice could be a Venture Capital Fundlike YourNest Angel Fund, for a portfolio geared for earning ‘super-normal’ returns. They achieve this without having to face the daily ups & downs of early stage entrepreneurship.



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