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Innovative, daring, ahead-of-times, visionary… these are some of the epithets used about Sify when we established in 1995 at Chennai. After becoming the 1st network in India to be IPv6-enabled, the 3rd largest IP VPN service provider in India and an industry-defining portal, we became, in 1999, the first Indian ICT company to be listed on the NASDAQ, all this the outcome of that one attitude that runs in our DNA - 'Bring It On'.

In 2007, Sify realigned itself to build a host of products and services for enterprise thus establishing the country’s premier enterprise Cloud services. Today, offering Converged ICT solutions to over 4000 satisfied corporate customers in over 1100 cities, it’s no surprise that we are the most favoured partner for Enterprise Connectivity, IT and Software services. We also hold licenses for NLD/ILD/ISP and wireless broadband spectrum on a nationwide basis. India’s internet pioneer is also now the pioneer in providing Cloud and SaaS services in the Indian market and among the Top 3 service providers for Managed Network Services (Source: PC Quest)

Pioneers in providing multi-city carrier-neutral Data Center Hosting with 6 Tier II and 15 Tier II Data Centers, we are among a handful of players who have an exclusive Security Operations Centre (SOC). Our IP-edge Web 2.0 technologies, retail broadband platform and network monitoring tools round off a comprehensive set of offerings that now span both retail and enterprise business environments.

Our Business

Manufacturing, Pharma, Agricuture, Banking... IT has progressed from being an enabler to a productive tool for each of these industries. And in the nearly two decades of our existence, we have built among the most innovative, scalable and flexible bouquet of services.

With time, we realised the need to give our services distinct identities, so that there is a sense of purpose and direction in which we want to grow.

And that gave birth to our five business lines.

Telecom servicesData Center servicesCloud and Managed servicesApplications Integration services and Technology Integration services.

The purpose behind the demarcation was that these businesses needed to be implementable across the industries, immaterial of geographic locations.

Our current set of business like Data Center services, Applications Integration services and Technology Integration services are knowledge based practises and hence can be effected beyond geographical boundaries; whether in India or Abroad.

Telecom and Data Center are product based services which are governed by local laws governing spectrum and hence might not enjoy the same freedom.



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