Does outsourcing human resource function makes sense

Whether being a small startup or a multinational firm, it can be extremely annoying to spend hours and hours to review resumes of applicants

2016 The new era in recruitment technology!

2016 will be full of new resolutions and revolutions for improvement within the HR industry. Technology is on its rise within the sector and pre-screening software is taking the lead towards enhancement in quality hire and recruitment process acceleration.

Too many Applicants..Too little time.

Even in periods of high unemployment, there are open jobs. Jobs that companies simply can’t fill. It’s not that candidates are unqualified for the positions necessarily, there are just too many of them for each opening.

GlassDoor Reviews - How fair are they?

There was time when word of mouth and angry letter-writing were our top forms of expression when it came to outing a bad company to work for.

Recruitology (Technology driven Recruitment)

Many recruiting managers and company leaders base the success or failure of their recruiter /recruiting agency on the candidates ultimate decision to sign up with the employer and accept the offer.

Recruitment Evolution

When it comes to recruitment, it pays to get the right person for the job. Hiring the wrong candidates can prove costly in the long run and is also detrimental to business.

Are Job Hoppers worth your time?

When a job applicant lists a number of jobs in the resume that only lasted for a brief period of time, it can be a red flag.

Should You Hire People Smarter Than You?

Hiring intelligently is one of the most effective ways to build a company's success. Look for the most capable candidates -- people whose brilliance exceeds your own.

Is It Time to Find a New Hiring Strategy And Adopt Modern Hiring Technology

The company's recruitment strategy is treated as a “one-size-fits-all” game plan.No single method can serve an employer in the competitive search for talent in today's evolving marketplace.

How to Entice Departing Talent to Return

When top talent leaves for better opportunities, it’s gets tough pill for any employer to replace them. They wish them the best, watch them leave, and they’re gone.



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